Our Goal
* Make original, hand-crafted food
* Sell the food at a central location, quickly
* Make refined food hand-held and simple to eat
* Synergize the demands of the ‘hour lunch break’
* Vitalize Denver street food, try to give it identity

* Providing creative, vegetarian/gluten-free food


A Very Special Honor.

speciality cheif of the year

Speciality Chef of the Year (Photo credit Denver Magazine)

Recently awarded to Gastro Cart’s very own Mike Winston recipient of Denver Magazine’s Specialty Chef of the Year

In part because of this we have had a busy summer, which seemed to fly by when nearly every weekend there are at least two events going on, but we have survived. All the while the chaos of summer coming and going we have held a steady course of providing our “specials.”

One recent example of a “special” a Pork Shank, which debuted at The Third Justice League of Street Food party. It was an idea floating around in the back of Mike’s head that finally got out, and made it’s way onto the flattop, and what better place than a Justice League Event? “It was great, it turned out, ” says Mike ” but it kind of took over the flattop and made for an interesting challenge with limited cooking surface.”   Although it was only available in limited quantities, the early crowd was rewarded, but really this is only one of many ideas in Gastro Cart’s bag of tricks.


You helped us raise 175.oo that we donated to The American Red Cross


How Your Donation Helps Disaster Victims Red Cross volunteers and employees mobilize immediately to assess the needs of the victims. Families and individuals are left without food, clothing, shelter,medicine or other basic necessities.

  • $25 provides five blankets at an emergency shelter.
  • $75 can cover a doctor’s visit for an individual injured in a disaster.
Our drive raised 175.00 dollars.  So lets say that is two doctors visits and five blankets for the people who need it most.
thank you, Thank you, THANK YOU!!! to the people who help raise this money between the 20 and 29th of January.

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