Gastro Cart Special. Chili on a Stick

Chili on a Stick

Fall is just around the corner

The change in the season has change happening all over town. For some traditions of college football Saturdays and professional football Sundays occupies the living room tied up for most of the weekend. For other outdoor types, the foliage seems to captivate audiences and take center stage at the end of its seasonal life cycle.  Where ever you maybe in this change of season, be assured that the guys at Gastro Cart have your collective thoughts in mind.

“Chili-on-a-stick” What is it?

A nice piece of marinated Skirt Steak, a chunk of warmed Cornbread, Lime Crema and Red Bean Puree drizzled over and topped with, Shredded Cheddar Cheese.

“Chili-on-a-stick” was inspired quite simply, Fall is warm days and cool nights, Chili is a staple in a wholesome diet, Gastro Cart style,  and everything tastes better on a stick. Right?

Be on the look out for updates via Facebook and Twitter, as we have more dates happening soon, maybe near you! As always we would love to read some comments from you, if you tried Gastro Cart for the first time, your comments, suggestions for specials, or if you have an event you want us to roll up to. Hit us up.

Beef Brisket @ Gastro Cart

The Wind blows….

Anyone who steps outside in April, in the state of Colorado, knows that the weather is constantly changing. The morning can be cool and crisp, by mid-afternoon it can change to gloom and doom with excessive wind gusts, and then culminate in a picture perfect sunset painting the sky in golds, reds, and purples.

No one appreciates how fast the weather can change more than the food vendors working the street everyday. Warm-weather attire is a must in order to keep the moral high until warmer days return. Hopefully the weather will take a seasonal turn for the warmer soon and give respite to the people slinging food to the hard working citizens of Denver.

In honor of the weather and dreams of summer days Gastro Cart presented the Beef Brisket, resting on a Mini-Naan, topped with Cheddar Cheese and Vinegar Slaw, all for the price of $3. A steal-of-a-deal whether you are passing through to the next meeting, taking a more leisurely approach to the lunch hour, or dodging the sudden wind storm that is blasting the city.

Great Divide Brewing Company Exterior
Gastro Cart does Happy Hour @ Great Divde Brewing Company March 5th. 2010

Gastro Cart makes a stop at Great Divide Brewing Company for Happy Hour.

This was our first adventure into the Great Divide Brewing Company, and I hope to say that there will be more…many more.

We decided to opt for a $2 Happy Hour Menu

| mini- gyro | spicy chicken taco | chicken slider with Dijon mustard, and french onion dip | lastly who could forget the veggie taco|

I want to say that it went over pretty great. The crowd seemed overwhelming happy about ” it finally being Friday ” although the work around a brewery never really comes to a slow period, everyone seemed glad to “put another week in the books” kick back and enjoy the fruits of hard labor.

Also I want to add a very special thank you to the staff working the Friday in question, the stickers you provided were the perfect amount.

This was an “off the cuff” special

This is a picture of a sandwich that was made for me, that you will never find on the menu. Sure it uses parts from other items on the menu, but was a truly unique lunch special. It all started when I visited the cart and asked Bryan who was manning the flat-top “what can you do for me that is going to taste good and fill me up?” They can through in a huge way. Even after looking at this picture, I can still taste the chicken, yep it was that delicious.

The sandwich was good, and the Fanta was a nice sweet touch.

A slider is a little thing, BUT it can help more than you think.

Somewhere along the line of production on the sunny streets of 18th and Curtis, we decided that we needed to make our contribution to Haiti. After all it seems like that is the only topic in the news, but what that usually means is that it is a big deal, so we as compassionate human beings need to do our part. We kicked around ideas as far as how to help, and when to act, what we came up with is quite simple, discover a new recipe, and get it out there, our proceeds can go towards a donation on behalf of Gastrocart and the people who enjoy our food, and why not a organization that is doing the most good.

Just like that, recipe in-hand and the American Red Cross in our sights we decided to run a week long campaign to sell as many sliders as we can, with the understanding that the money is going towards an end goal, helping those who need the simple and basic essentials of life after their lives have been brutally unhinged.

Our first day on the new adventure, there was ggrrreat support. The day itself was a little on the overcast an a bit more frigid, but what we learned was that a slider is a little thing, but it can help more than you think. It we can maintain the pace and tempo of wednesday this little campaign for a cause might bring a little of Denver’s sunshine to a place in the world that needs it more than we do.

I will end with a picture of the sliders I took down, and my last note to pass along, we are going to be having this “special” until wednesday the 27th of January, show your support for our cause to make a donation to The American Red Cross, and enjoy these sliders all at the same time, while they last.


“Biker Gang” stops by hungry and leaves satisfied.

They came hungry and left full.Bryan looks like he wants to get the grill rockin’

You know that the day is going great when you sell-out of the “special” a little before 1pm. On this particular day in question, the “special” was an open faced prosciutto sandwich, with caramelized onions, a taste of red peppers topped and an egg over easy, drizzled with some home style cheesy-sauce. What more could you want out of life? The sun was out, and the people were good. All together a great way to end a week on 18th and Curtis. See you folks next week.

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